In a period of profound economic crisis, unemployment and social exclusion, helping unselfishly our fellow men and women can give each and every one of us the satisfaction of offering strength and support to those who need it.

Our vision is a society in which all “Vulnerable Social Groups” will receive equal treatment and protection from the law, equal opportunities and access to education, health and the labor market and will be encouraged to participate actively in the economic, social and cultural life of the land.

In view of the above we’ve created “Health for All”, a new business action plan to defend the health of the vulnerable social groups.

The vulnerable social groups (the underprivileged/uninsured, the refugees, the Roma, the residents of the highlands of Thrace, the Pomaks) are facing cumulative issues of integration into the social and economic fabric of the country, as well as access to health and social care services.

The project “Health for All” sets as its goal the development of a service network for Primary Health Care and Social Care, connected to the local communities and the local social services and structures, for the benefit of the vulnerable population groups.

The indicative measures that the program will include are:

Our main goal is that these actions are redefined as well as continued based on the needs that arise.

In this project, we are honored to have the support of:

Hoping that you too will help in this initiative of ours, we invite you to spend some time studying the “Health for All” action plan.


Requirements for the success of the project

  • Apart from the cooperation of the bodies involved in the planning and execution of the project, Ministry of Health, the National Centre for Social Solidarity (E.K.K.A.), Hospitals, Units of the Primary National Health Network, the National Committee on Vaccination, Scientific bodies, the Local Government Associations, a number of decommissioned mobile units have been ensured (Gynecological mobile unit with digital mammogram equipment), which will be equipped appropriately.
  • Searching for aid in actualizing the program by Universities, Scientific bodies, Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies, Baby Food Companies, Medical Devices etc.

Digital Services
Electronic support of the project at the spots providing primary healthcare and social care services. This comprises web support of an Electronic Health Record (with a vaccination coverage digital health card) and other information from the population’s clinical evaluation, in a shared database of the services involved in recording the incidents, as well as the support of service provision (e.g. electronic referrals etc.) to the target group through modern technology, with the potential for interoperability with the Electronic Social Security Administration applications.

Expected Results
It is common knowledge that, in modern societies, many sections of the population are threatened by social exclusion and marginalization. At the core of this threat are, among others, the above social groups. The rapid rhythms of social change, as well as the economic crisis, render these population groups particularly vulnerable.

This project offers social benefits of a wide range, along with its low cost: it is built on the core of prevention policies, it tackles the medico-social problems and saves resources for the Health and Social Care System, resources that, in another case, would have to be spent in multiple sums, in order to pay for hospitalization.